Psychedelic psilocybin sessions in Amsterdam

Our story and mission

Psychedelic self healing was founded by passionate professional trip guides with the aim of leveraging our insights, knowledge and years of experience. We aim to facilitate self healing by lowering the barriers that obstruct the self actualisation and peak performance of the individual. Happiness is symptom of gratitude and lack of it causes the disconnect in yourself, between people, nature and our higher selves. Self healing is about all of this.

We operate our own unique and specialised private center in the quiet countryside, just outside Amsterdam. At our center we apply and develop a variety of specialised science based treatment protocols.

The Setting

Inside we have a special safe and cosy studio for the session. Outside, in a non public space, a large green garden sits between the meadows as far as the eye can see, broad horizons, fresh air, nature all around and optionally, deluxe accommodation for multiple clients. We aim to bring the highest quality service to facilitate self healing through profound and mystical insights with the use of legal psychedelics such as psilocybin. You are guided by experienced therapeutic male or female trip guides. The setting is simply the most important factor for your experience. 

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The psychedelic psilocybin session

With over a hundred clients we have the experience to make clients feel relaxed and ready for the session. This is most likely an exiting experience and it is our ambition to make this as positive and safe as we can.  An in depth one on one talk before the session prepares you psychologically for the healing to take place more efficiently. Insights can be life changing, profound and mystical. Philosophical perspectives are discussed and when we all feel ready, we start the session. This usually lasts between 3 to 5 hours.

By seeing our soul (psyche-delic) we see through our obstructing limitations. These creations of the mind can be quite persistent and strong and form a basis for the image of ourselves. The more alienated  one is from the true self, the more there is to “lose”, such as insecurity, false convictions for not loving oneself, lose fear and social inhibitions.  This can be characterised by ego, insecurity, lack of self love, perfectionism, self criticism, depression, anxieties, etc. Deep down, in a deeper knowing, you know you are worthy of love, you have a story to tell, you can love and be loved. You can be happy with who you are. But you need to know what you are too. These are emotional journeys and therefor best treated in a state where you are fully open to emotions: the psychedelic state. Trauma is located in your small brain and it “speaks” emotions. So by changing your perspective, you can change how you feel.

In the psychedelic state you can question and analyse these (false) convictions, assumptions and (irrational or social or cultural) fears or inhibitions to get a new, clear and true perspective on who you really are and how you can feel about that. Everyone is worthy of (self) love, has a valuable message, a unique story and can be secure in feeling positive about themselves. Psychedelic insights are a way of resetting your beliefs in an internal dialogue that changes your perspective and how you feel about things.

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integration and evaluation

After the session, most of the things discussed will start to make sense. Your own insights and memories of the experience come down like snow and connecting them, putting them in context and trying to integrate them into your daily life. What was let go? What was seen? What was your hope? What do I do to embed them after changing certain convictions, assumptions and perspectives. We also hold online follow up sessions and keep in touch when you’re back home, to monitor your integration.

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Integration and aftercare

We are organised in a way to optimise the effects of the program. Integrating the insights into your daily life and monitoring how you feel is important. For this reason we are set up to stay in contact. Be there for any questions or requests you may have. 

The center serves clients from all over the world.

We are located in the heart of Amsterdam at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 221. We serve clients from the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and many other countries.




Psychedelic self healing is part of the Psychedelic Insights group. So is Safe Spaces Amsterdam and Psychedelic-insights. We are providing the optimal experience in our own operated, long term customised psychedelic and lifestyle center. It is customised for the best experience and integration. We have treated over a hundred people. We are qualified experienced facilitators with a therapeutic background. You are in good hands. Feel free to book a call.